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My mandalas are all original designs and painted by hand.

Many passionate hours go into the creation of your mandala, from creating the design of the mandala itself, to making the outline on silk, along with the ever important choice of colors and silk painting techniques. The entire process is a labor of love.


Installation: use the invisible thread included to hang the mandala against a wall.


Ø This symbol represents the size of your mandala, and is the total diameter of the circle.

What is a Mandala ? 


The word mandala (मण्डल) comes to us from India and means "Sacred Circle".


It is a symbolic graphical representation of the cosmos. Mandalas exist in many traditions: colored sand paintings amongst Buddhists, medicine circles amongst Native Americans, labyrinths in cathedrals, in gardens, in nature, flowers, and more.

They invite you to relax, to quiet the mind, to enter into a larger state of consciousness and to participate in the mystery of creation. So they can be readily used as a gateway to exploring the self and personal expression. 


With its colors and shapes, the mandala is created on the basis of a geometric structure that emanates from the center. This refers to the central point, or Source, which is beyond space and time and is the very axis of the universe. Since we are the micro to the macro, it’s also a symbol of our own axis, our own center, and something deeper and bigger than us, expressed through us.

My inspiration for painting with mandalas 


With my initial discovery of mandalas came a desire to find the sacred aspect of the art of painting.


The mandala is a quest for the center by the self, and as such, is the center seeking itself.

Through meditation, in silence or listening to soft, inspiring or stimulating music, my process is to dive in deep and get in touch with the subtle energies and consciousness, which in turn guides the specific vibrational quality of the mandala being created.


Inspiration manifests itself first on paper and then on silk, bringing light to sacred space and form. The result is a creation from the self, to the self, on silk, in all its beauty.

Through this, I hope to bring to the world more Light, kindness and Love.

For over 20 years I’ve created, created, and kept on creating.

Painting on silk or other mediums.

I create to connect to my creativity,

To create harmonious vibrations in my heart, and yours.

Painting on silk, for self, for you, and the All That Is.

When painting, I do so in a meditative state, in silence

or listening to music,

According to the mood of the day and my heart.